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blue planet


...otherwise abbreviated to the toungue-friendly PBXO, this twosome often make musiks of melodee and melancholia, slow wintery beats, snow-laden basslines and somnabulent samples. originally from the land of w(h)ine, Adelaide, the BOYZ moved to melbourne at the beginning of 2000, marking all things significant and causing variable upheavals, but hey we're OK. soon to be released, the long-awaited Skam LP on Optikut (go figure) in the form of two 12" eps and an LP on Surgery. still available, the debutante System Soundtracks 01.

web: http://pleasurecraft.va.com.au/pbxo

email: pbxo@pacific.net.au


zog has been making and performing electronic music for several years now. Originally as member of techno improvisation group DoSE, then branching out to solo performances after tiring of the ephemeral nature of improvisation. zog has played live ranging from pub and club gigs to live radio, but more recently has tended towards DJing, both orginal material and other stuff. zog recently created a few vaguely techno/dubby tracks for the chill areas at some victorian outdoor dance parties, and has been DJing these and other music out and about in recent months.

web: http://www.zog.net.au/



Evan On Earth

live act & producer

Evan is a guy who makes music while residing on Earth - still the sweetest and most hospitipal of all the planets in this region. Active for a couple of years on the scene now, Evan plays live regularly, using a combination of analogue and digital technology, and produces in his home studio, too. Once described as "remnant algal growth that bloomed in some outer suburban sewer"!

web: http://www.mp3.com/EvanOnEarth

email: funkfumes@hotmail.com

Other projects: Crosstalk'n'Grewvz (doing funky live stuff with My Name Is Gus) + hiFLUXforce (a live group incorporating a rotating line-up playing a multitude of instruments, new and old, to create a thick atmosphere for dancin' or chillin', depending on the setting).

My Name Is Gus



AKM, Kaputnik, City Frequencies

Ed Kelly / Captains Of Industry / Futile Sound of Brunswick / SS Spanky


POSITIVE SPACE - european styling : EP available in mp3 format :



Sobriquet is Elenor Rayner.

I've had a couple of CD releases: "People Don't Go Out To Clubs To Get Laid" and "Version 1.1".

Also had about 20 tracks released on compilations or remixes for others. The reviews have been good, I was 'artist of the month' in Juice Magazine and my single "Friday Mornings" got high rotation on Triple J. I also play live & DJ and have done quite a few tours around Australia, playing at clubs and festivals: everything from Dragonflight in sultry Brisbane to Snowfest at Mt Thredbo.

It's hard to describe my music because it doesn't fit in any particular genre, but almost all the feedback I get from people is how the emotion in it comes through and how it touches them. That's why I do it.

And I like Clan Analogue because everyone's really nice.

email: e@sobriquet.org

web: http://www.sobriquet.org/

DJ Toupee


DJ Fletcher Munson

lost in a time/space warp somewhere over the hawaiian islands, beaming down a ticker tape telemetry of the lost and found, drowning in soundscapes of liquid lounge, fletcher waxes the eardrums in a childish and irreverent manner, to the delectation of tasteful analogue jetsetters of the cocktail generation.

Dr Bunsen Honeydew

Late nights in the lab, hunched over a bubbling brew of the finest retro ingredients, Dr B. draws down the lightning to synthesize a rare extract of psychedelic funk electro. Wanted by medical regulators on four continents! The good doctor (ex-WD-40, Melbourne industrial dub trance act) and his uninsured, casually-employed lab assistants employ illegal ex-CIA brainwave technology to jack your nervous system with 9 unstoppable volts of booty shaking goodness.



DJ Sam G

klej butapren AKA psybaba

makes little noise: minimal dub, minimal house, minimal abstract soudscapes. does chillout gigs around town.

email: literat_1@hotmail.com

Bo Daley (of Dark Network)

Dark Network is a collaboration between Bo Daley and Tim O'Loghlin, who began working together in 1993 in the early days of Clan Analogue Canberra. Dark Network's early material featured a strong electro-industrial tinge, until founder Mike Dowling left to start up his own rival musical project. Since then Dark Network's music has shifted its emphasis towards dub-tinged minimal electronic compositions, with regular performances at Sydney's legendary Klub Kooky and a number of tracks on compilation CDs and vinyl EPs. Now resident in Melbourne, the group is currently finishing off their new album, due for release in May 2001.

email: bo@darkwork.net

web: http://www.darkwork.net/


Old Des Peres

Kynan Robinson

old des peres is one of Kynan's attempts to move his musical ideas into the world of electronics in both a recording and live setting, while always pushing those illegal harmonies.

Bubble and Squeak

Born December 1999, finally finding their groove in March 2001, BnS are a tortured artist, a country hick and a pretty boy. So far they have gone DOOF at Laundry, Sugar Suite, Club UK, Pony, Colonial Stadium, Bar 44, Alia, LaTrobe Uni, and various parties around Melbourne. BnS also run a weekly night, Phonetika at Laundry for the better part of 2001, which is now a monthly event due to other commitments. Phonetika showcases local, prominently live electronic acts often from the Clan Analogue stables.

BnS are active members of the Melbourne collective of Clan Analogue, regularly contributing their own special brand of house-trance-acid-oh-fuck-it-it-just-goes-doof-with-occasional-beatsey-bit-and-some-airy-fairy-arty-shit-too to many events and non-events in the locale to rapturous responses.

BnS play 1,000,000% live with their banks and banks of funny machinery and are often known to spark mass hysteria amongst the gathered public in which they spasmodically twitch and writhe. BnS claim no responsibility for any such outcome in any circumstances.

web: http://bns.8k.com/