:: history ::

vague memory traces, and some net searching, a dumping ground for old html.

:: formation ::

Brendan Palmer came down to Melbourne introduced the Clan Analogue meme here around 1995. Nowadays Brendan is involved with Zonar Recordings . Early on Clan Analogue Melbourne was associated a lot with a club called Global Warming, which had a most varied and eclectic mix of music available. Evidence shows early meetings were at the Dark Horse Cafe in 1995, even with attempts to start a web presence.

:: events ::

We have been involved in, played at, helped with or otherwise associated with a range of cutting edge events over the years, ranging from quiet experimental art nights and conceptual meetings to outdoor dance parties and big raves. Here is a list of some of what has transpired:

:: people ::

A range of people have passed through the membership over the years, here are some of them: