:: presense compilation ::

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presense is a compilation of the state of the art of Clan Analogue Melbourne around the time it was compiled. Since then some members have moved on, bands have dissolved, and new blood has joined the organisation.

:: reviews ::

Danny Corvini, 3D World, Sydney, X/X/98

"Opening with the playful nu-electro sounds of Moo, the new compilation of Melbourne Clan Analogue artists, "Pre-Sense", is described on its sleeve as "a convergence of southern harmonic waves". Quite fitting really, because the diversity and rhythmic texture of the album as a whole does wash over you; especially with repeated listens as it becomes more of a swell and takes hold. Such as "Dawn" by Purple World with its subtle melody that blended into trancey beats becomes more and more soul stirring. "Neurosis" by Continuum takes 9 minutes to fully get a grip on you - a techno track ideal for dancing under the stars which starts with psychedelic sci-fi sounding peaky bits and pounds along until eventually preparing itself for a soothing stop. There are moments of quiet ambience, grinding grooves and mind-expanding experiments. All cohesive under the banner of Clan Analogue from the south, this is the right kind of stuff for people who consider music to be brain food, and electronica to be the five star stuff."

Stuart Hitchings, Juice Magazine, September 1998

"Clan Analogue's Melbourne chapter also has it's own compilation out, Pre-Sense [Clan Analogue/MDS] (7), and as you'd expect from such a loose collective it's pretty diverse in terms of content, from the avant garde to the almost commercial, taking in techno, trance, acid, the near-ambient and the well-weird. My favorites are Dawn's trancey "Purple World", Continuum's "Neurosis" and Moo's beautiful, delicate "Moniker"."

:: distribution ::

The cd has Clan Analogue and MDS catalogue number CA021. It is distributed by Mushroom Distribution Services and hence should be available or orderable from any quality electronic music retailer in Australia.

:: online sales ::

Buy it (and other Clan Analogue releases) online now if you wish.

:: mp3 samples ::

Here are some snippets of the tracks on the CD in 128k .mp3 format for you to get an idea of the contents of the CD. If you don't have an mp3 player handy try this link, there should be something there that will work.
Number Name Artist
1 lol Moo
2 Dawn Purple World
3 Dyda Spyda The Spartacus Barraworn
4 Theremin Bean
5 Moniker Moo
6 ????? signal <-> noise
7 Neurosis Continuum
8 Upfield DoSE
9 dogs dinner/antstread SS Spanky
10 Agolania SEO
11 Merchants of Junk Dada Tribe #373