Clan Analogue Melbourne's Sampled Synthesis volume 2

A limited promotional release highlighting the ambient and chilled recordings of Clan Analogue's Melbourne artists.

This directory contains the CD encoded as 160k mp3s.

All tracks copyright their repective artists, and made available for download for promotional and demonstration purposes.

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[DIR] Parent Directory 11-Jul-2001 13:56 - [SND] ss2-01-gundark-kaput..> 10-Jul-2001 22:10 11.5M [SND] ss2-02-reductionist-..> 10-Jul-2001 22:13 6.6M [SND] ss2-03-evan_on_earth..> 10-Jul-2001 22:16 7.1M [SND] ss2-04-wind_up_toys_..> 10-Jul-2001 22:20 6.5M [SND] ss2-05-akm-mental.mp3 10-Jul-2001 22:23 5.8M [SND] ss2-06-city_frequenc..> 10-Jul-2001 22:29 11.3M [SND] ss2-07-double_happin..> 10-Jul-2001 22:33 6.1M [SND] ss2-08-prettyboy_cro..> 10-Jul-2001 22:37 7.5M [SND] ss2-09-bunsen_honeyd..> 10-Jul-2001 22:42 9.3M [SND] ss2-10-tolchok-snow_..> 10-Jul-2001 22:45 4.2M