unix, linux, internet


obsidian 3D networked computer game for Linux/svgalib, and Irix/openGL. Essentially on hold at the moment
wavnorm, nplay, nrecord Simple programs to maximize levels in .wav files, record .wav files and play them back.
cphack mirror Mirror of the GPL'ed cphack program and accompanying documentation.

favoured software

redhat linux favoured linux distrubution
apache http server the best and most popular one around, and it's free
OpenSSH free version of the excellent ssh telnet/rsh/rcp replacement.
rsync excellent backup, copy and mirror utility. can use ssh as the transport
samba free and better implementation of the smb/cifs protocol
squid industry standard http proxy software
ht://dig useful search engine software for web sites

useful sites

freshmeat software announcements
slashdot.org general nerd news
www.kernel.org linux kernel central, or try the Australian mirror for patches
unix vs nt a white paper free from hype

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