An Ecstasy of Hard Acid Sound:
The Rack

Rack747 is BeOS's premier acid loop composer and virtual groovebox. It provides everything you could imagine needing to write your own beats and grooves.
Rack's features include:

As a bonus, the package includes the latest edition of Qua, a complete audio and midi sequencer/recorder that integrates audio applications and media nodes. Together they present a complete techno studio solution:

The debakle continues with the next installment, Rack747 1.15 is now available. This has been developed and tested on both BeOS Intel and BEOS PPC, correcting many flaaws with the earlier cross-ported versions. The fully registered version is available from the BeBits shop, and includes upgrades for all 1.xx releases. Go There.

The ubiquitous demo is available for download from:

For a brief sample of the Rack's twisted ways, try these undies on (MPEG-3 encoded):

Cheap wine and crappy techno (bass line and main drum part)
Cheap wine and crappy techno (silly part)
Bad acid, and I'm running out of names
Adrenaline is Brown (bass and drum)
and for those who like their meals large and only partially cooked:
Cereal Interface/Solid (digital garage mix)
(This last features uncompressed vocal overdubs (sorry all you anal purists out there), a funky south indian mandolin sample, and automated parameter control using my incredibly obscure sequencer, Qua)

Rack news Shameless ads and silly downloads
The manual that nobody seems to read A pointless gallery of tiling patterns

The Rack was brought to you by the letter A, the number 3, the substance LSD-25, the ISP, the exceptionally gracious BeOS Central, the highly suspicious ZOG, Dak, Alistair Riddell, and Ross Bencina.

Further information: email Dak