Rack747 1.15 is now available for download. This corrects many annoying bugs in the Intel version, which has previously been cross-ported from BeOS PPC, and is now natively developed on BeOS Intel.

The downloads below are for the demo (half-tab) version, which is barely a glimmer on the full majesty of the total Rack experience. The full trip is available now via internet download from BeBits. For more details, email Dak.

Only $US28, or equivalent in Australian currency, will get you a copy of the full release of Rack747 Om1.11, for PowerPC and Intel hardware, and upgrades for all 1.xx versions.

Another fine piece of schlock!
Download the Rack Om 1.15 Demo for Intel

Download the Rack Om 1.15 Demo for PPC

Download Qua-0.66 Beta for PPC

Download Qua-0.66 Beta for Intel

Users of previous versions will be excited to see:

The full version also features:

And this is just the beginning! Future versions will be featuring more add-on oscillators, fx, and filters.

Check out the on-line manual for more details, but features include:

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