Rack now exists for Intel, though at the moment in an exceptionally alpha version which drops its load. I'm expecting to be able to iron this out within a week, though I still don't have the hardware myself: this is what is delaying the debug, though the PPC version is running quite happily.

... and this is old news, but...

Now for some uplifting news. Rack's meta-sequencer, Qua, is scheduled for a beta release real soon. This is a fully featured and out there midi sequencer and hd recorder, as well as a supervisor for the Rack. It offers parameter enveloping, arranging, a myriad of wierd remote control options, and it's own perverse patching language. And yes, it even has a leopard skin backdrop... stay tuned, but start expecting action by the end of the month (or send me annoying mail if I've slacked off).

... it's now close to the truth. I've upgraded it to the new media kit, and will defintely have a version soon,

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