Department of Social Engineering

DoSE have a sound ranging from abstract improvised electronic soundscapes to dark and doofy

DoSE was MrSquiggle, Jon and Duncan. MrSquiggle is also an agent for the UndesirablePropagationUnit. Also Bella provides vocal effects on some tracks.

DoSE News

A DoSE track is on the Green Ant compilation CD "Ambi Ant Beatz", available from Soundware.

DoSE now has some tracks on for download.

DoSE can now (late 1999) be considered in hiatus, though any of these tracks are available for licensing to interested labels.

Jon and Duncan no longer play in DoSE. Jon is focussing his musical efforts more on PurpleWorld (It's A Purple World), while Duncan is working making techno-noises via the Zog Sound System project.

Past Shows:

DoSE SubMission v1.1.2

DoSE has a demo CD of some of our best moments available. A full 73 minutes of live electronic music spanning the stylistic zones from pounding hard acid to calming near ambient. A copy of this CD is available at Peril Underground.

DoSE MP3 Files

These are the tracks from the DoSE CD DoSE SubMission v1.1.2. They have been encoded to .mp3 at 128k stereo rate. The encoding follows the original track marking on the CD, which caused some tracks to be spread over more than one .mp3 file.

NumberTimeNameSize (kb)
010:04QuietSpace74 download mp3
027:18Killer6872 download mp3
031:32Wanna (Intro)1442 download mp3
043:37Wanna (Drums)3411 download mp3
054:19Upfield4054 download mp3
062:51Upfield (ext)2681 download mp3
077:49Prisoner7368 download mp3
081:35Ashfield (intro)1507 download mp3
094:19Ashfield (drums)4069 download mp3
101:17Ashfield (outro)1209 download mp3
110:20HiccUpField318 download mp3
124:02PreSets3781 download mp3
131:58ReSets1860 download mp3
143:00No! Jon! (intro)2823 download mp3
155:58No! Jon! (drums)5624 download mp3
164:01Boris3774 download mp3
176:21Auntie Agnes5990 download mp3
182:00Afreaka Jazz1880 download mp3
192:37Afreaka Jazz (solo)2475 download mp3
201:12Ova (intro)1131 download mp3
216:14Ova (drums)5857 download mp3

Clan Analogue Compilation CD

There is a track on the long awaited (by us anyway!) Clan Analogue compilation CD, Presense. Distributed by MDS. Available at quality vendors of electronic music.

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