Live Shows
  • Saturday 4th May 2002 - funky techno DJ set for Stickybeat's TECHNO RUMBLE WRESTLING at Sugar Suite 189 Lonsdale St Melbourne. With Bubble n Squeak, Old Des Perez, Tourettes and Joey Phelps.
  • Friday 3rd May 2002 - laid back chill set at Maracca, Ace Morning Bar @ 791 Sydney Rd, Brunswick
  • Saturday 27th April 2002 - DJing more minimal funky dub tech set at HEADSPACE III dub / tech underground party
  • 19th February 2002 - Bangin' techno set at Tonsai Beach Party, Krabi, Thailand.
  • 26th January 2002 - Super tech dub set at Green Ant Rainbow Serpent Festival.
  • Saturday 19th January 2002 - DJing a dubby minimal set at HEADSPACE02 dub / tech underground party
  • Saturday 1st December 2001 - special private party gig plus Clan Analogue's Solid Gold CD launch @ Pony Nightclub.
  • Saturday 24th November 2001 - more hard techno at Sticky Beats, Geddes Lane club, with Bubble and Squeak plus others.
  • Saturday 17th November 2001 - DJing a dubby minimal set at HEADSPACE dub / tech underground party
  • October 2001 : Locked Groove Record : CALG101 locked groove vinyl featuring zog loops and a host of other clan analogue artists. order online now, or check it out at Collectors Corners Records, Swanston St, Melbourne.
  • Friday 19th October 2001 - Geddes Lane, Zog on the decks at REVENGE OF THE STICKY BEATS also with Bubble'n'Squeak, There, Old Des Peres, Klejbutapren and DJ Dakini
  • September 2001 - zog one of the initial members of new mp3 techno site
  • September 2001 - 'Reaction Hero' : Little Nobody remix album (featuring a zog remix) Available now, IF? Records catalogue number IF017
  • Sunday 30th September - Zog returns to play Clan Analogue's Ether at Alia Bar, Gertrude St Fitzroy.
  • Thursday 27th September 2001 - A DJ set, maybe with some live beats added, at Pony Bar.
  • Saturday 22nd September - DJ set of mainly original material on 3PBS radio show Circuit Armour.
  • Monday 16th September 2001 - Another DJ set helping out the Bubble and Squeak extravaganza, with THERE live as well - Evelyn Hotel Fitzroy
  • Thursday 13th September 2001 - DJing at CAN-O-BEATS, at Laundry nightclub with Bubble'n'Squeak, Old Des Peres and DJ There.
  • September 2001 - Two ZOG tracks are on the limited edition white label promo release from Clan Analogue Melbourne, Sampled Synthesis 3.
  • Thursday 16th August 2001 - DJing at Phonetika, at laundry night club.
  • DJing at Mainteater benefit show (6pm Sunday 12th August, 4/372 Little Bourke St Melbourne)
  • New ZOG CD 'Dontrii' now available through crispydisc
  • ZOG 'EP1' re-released through crispydisc
  • Thursday 26th July midday set at Swinburne University
  • Thursday 21st June 2001 - DJing at Phonetika, at laundry night club.
  • Saturday 16th June 2001 - DJing at Pear Shaped CD launch, at Pony night club.
  • Wednesday May 16th 2001 helping out DJ Sqql at Tonsai Beach Party, Thailand
  • Saturday April 15th 2001 at Tranceplant.
  • Saturday 17th February - funky minimal DJ set at Clan Analogue's Mains Test at Pony nightclub.
  • Sunday 28th January 2001 - Dawn chill set at Green Ant Rainbow Serpent Festival.
  • Sunday 10th December 2000 - DJ set at Ether at Alia Bar, Gertrude St Fitzroy.
  • Saturday 9th December 2000 - DJ at LOGARHYTHM II (467 Victoria St Abbotsford)
  • 15th August 2000 - DJ at Full Moon Party, Had Rin, Ko Phagnan, Thailand
  • 16th June 2000 - DJ at Full Moon Party, Had Rin, Ko Phagnan, Thailand
  • 4th-11th June 2000 - impromptu residency, Maradok Thai Bar, Ko Lanta, Thailand
  • 1st June 2000 - DJ at Black Moon Party, Ban Kai, Ko Phagnan, Thailand
  • 29th May 2000 - impromptu DJ gig @ Bottle Beach, Ko Phagnan, Thailand
  • 28th March - providing some aural backing texture to spoken word by Gaby Bila-Gunther at Empress of India Hotel.
  • Saturday 15th January - playing with Lab Rats sound system, Bedlam UK and others at Malfunktion (call 1 900 922 746 for details).
  • Saturday 1st January 2000AD - Morning DJ Set at Earthcore.
  • Sunday 19th December - DJing more bouncy techno at Creature.
  • Wednesday 8th December - DJ at "Return 2 Timor" benefit at the Rob Roy Hotel, Fitzroy.
  • Sunday 5th December - DJing some bouncy techno at Creature.
  • Saturday 27th November - playing a soothing chilled out set of relaxing sounds at Clan Analogue and Creature feature in the market area.
  • Sunday 24th October - DJing smooth and crunchy techno at CREATURE nightclub.
  • Friday 24th September - Fringe Architecture opening at North Melbourne town hall.
  • Saturday 19th September - "Burn Hollywood Burn", warehouse dance party.
  • Thursday July 15th - Thank God It's Thursday - filling in for Continuum at the Clan Analogue CD Launch at Revolver nightclub.
  • Sunday 4th July - DJ at warehouse party/art launch at CBI warehouse Richmond.
  • Thursday June 3rd - Deep Rinse - Clan Analogue play Revolver nightclub. DJing a selection of tracks.
  • Saturday May 22nd - TRINITONE - Flow/Zog double CD launch extraveganza! With Tetrphnm, DJ Toupee and others. A night of interesting, varied yet fully funky music. Alphabet Street, Lonsdale St Melbourne.
  • Friday May 21st - DJ - Clan Analogue at Revolver - Clan Analogue doofs out on Chapel Street, with Carrier (Sydney),SS Spanky, Seed and DJ Toupee.
  • Sunday April 25th - Carpark Art Exhibition, behind Bank of Melbourne, Smith St, Fitzroy.
  • Wednesday April 21st - With Ramantra, at Laundry, 50 Johnston Street Fitzroy.
  • Saturday April 3rd - DJ at Captains of Industry CD Launch at Empress of India Hotel.
  • Saturday 20th February - BRIDGED underground doof.
  • Saturday 24th January - At the Empress of India Hotel, Carlton. With Continuum and Ramantra.
  • Wednesday 13th January - Live to air on 3PBS, on Circuit Armor sometime between midnight and 2AM.
  • Laundry, 50 Johnston St Fitzroy - Saturday, December 19th with B(if)tek, Telemetry Orchestra, d...(Canada), Continuum and DJ Paluka.
  • Sl@po - October 8th - DJing a selection of funky tracks.
  • Public Bar - versus PurpleWorld, with other Clan Analogue acts. 3rd September
  • The Globe, Newtown, Sydney - Presense CD Sydney launch. Thursday 1st September.
  • BLOW - Wednesday 30th September - Landsdown Hotel, Sydney.
  • August 22nd: Logjam II : Immerge at The Courthouse, Geelong.
  • Thursday 13th August - (in DJ capability) with Frontside. at the Punters Club, Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.
  • Reclaim the Streets (playing at being DJ)
  • Friday 19 June - supporting Tectonic and Sobriquet, at the Greyhound Hotel, St. Kilda.
  • Saturday 20 June - supporting Tectonic and Sobriquet, at the Armadale Hotel, Armadale.
  • presense - Clan Analogue club at CBD.
  • Various parties...

  • Demos - mp3 format - Late 1998

    Here are some demos of the zog live set as played out and about through the later part of 1998.

    Track Name Size (kb) Download
    01 tdrum 4113 Download mp3
    02 interlude 4217 Download mp3
    04 total amount due 5781 Download mp3
    05 winter power bonus 6142 Download mp3
    06 dt5 5866 Download mp3

    Older Demos - mp3 format

    These were quickly encoded via cheesy sound card a long time ago, and give an indication of zog live sets circa 1997-1998.

    These tracks are from the old live set with the old gear, probably not to be heard in public again.

    Track Name Description
    01 happy Slow and cruisy, builds up towards the end.
    02 hangover Sort of dubby doofy track.
    03 sugarfrost Jamming away at a spooky trancy riff
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